Margaritas, Summer, and Texas: A Perfect Match

Without a doubt, summer is one of our favorite seasons. It's often associated with a carefree spirit, and fun times with friends and family. Of course, anyone who's lived in Texas will tell you it's also associated with another aspect: the heat from the sun. We may get used to it, but that doesn't mean there aren't ways to make the heat a little more bearable. 

The answer may seem obvious, but one of the most enjoyable ways to beat the heat is by ordering one of our award winning or specialty margaritas. We've got a wide selection, from our classic 1986 Margarita (Cazadores Reposado tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, St. Germain - it's a beautiful concoction), to our frozen signature margarita (A 16oz. frozen sangria swirl with Grand Marnier on top), to even our smokin' margarita, spicy pineapple margarita, and beyond. (You can view our premium selection of beverages on our menu).

In our opinion, a cold margarita is one of the best ways to relax, enjoy the day, and pretend (even for just a moment) that it's not 100-some-odd degrees outside. Of course, this has never stopped some of our most devoted fans from sitting our patio even in August, and we salute you for it. But for those of you who require a little more chill with your cold margarita, don't fret - the A/C feels wonderful inside as well. 

(PRO TIP: Pair that margarita with a dish such as our Carne Asada or Salmon Costeno and you've got a combo that your taste buds will greatly thank you for). 

So regardless of whether you live in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio or any of our surrounding metropolitan locations, you can be sure that we're here for you. 

Have a wonderful summer, we'll see you soon! 

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