Combination Fajitas

National Fajita Day is Thursday, August 18!

National Fajita Day is almost here! Start making plans to join us for Lunch or Dinner on Thursday, August 18 to enjoy the sizzling deliciousness of the savory Tex-Mex flavor. Our delicious Fajitas are served with guacamole, grated cheese, sour cream, Spanish rice and pinto beans - with your choice of Grilled Chicken, Skirt Steak, Grilled Shrimp or a Combination of the Two. 

Fun Fact: Did you know in the early 1930s, Mexican vaqueros in Southwest Texas developed what we’ve grown to love all over the United States? Using throwaway cuts of beef, they developed the Fajita. It wasn’t long before they became a staple in the region. By the 1980s, most Latin American restaurants in the United States served fajitas. In the modern culinary kitchen, lime, cilantro and a variety of vegetables find their way into a Fajita, as well. Add to that the perfect seasonings and mouths really begin to water!

Plan to celebrate the day by joining us at your local Gloria’s Latin Cuisine!

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