Light Summer treats: Ceviche Tostadas and Skinny Margaritas

American philosopher and writer Sam Keen once said, "Deep summer is when Laziness finds respectability." While he may not have had Texas in mind, there's a cultural respect for our need to stay in highly air-conditioned spaces. Since, in a perfect world, the only time we'd spend outside would be laying by a pool, we've thought to give you a unique summer treat for keeping it both light and seasonal.    

What's not to love about affordable, and delicious Ceviche. Our blend of orange roughy, scallop, and tomatoes, served on on homemade tostadas. Avocado is in there, because you can't go wrong with avocado. Either way, these are sure to fill you up while keeping it nice and light.   

Of course, nothing says summer like a cool mojito on a hot day. The blend of sweet, citrus, and mint make it a delicious treat to go along with your meal. Beating the heat has never sounded so sweet.

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