Happy New Year From Gloria’s to You!

It’s always interesting to see another year come and go. For us, it means another year in your hearts, as our family becomes intertwined with you and yours. We’ve been described as a lot of things over the years (such as the best spot to get margaritas or even a Texas institution), but really, all we’re doing is bringing our love of food, friends, and family to you.

2018 was a wonderful year. We opened new locations (you can finally  find us in Las Colinas, which is been absolutely wonderful), poured plenty a margarita, added more specialty drinks to our menu (while we will always be known for our Margaritas, we have plenty of other cold beverages, such as the Mexican Martini, a Moscow Mule, an Old Fashioned and more that will please any palette), we sampled new dishes (the Mole Chicken Enchiladas are a fan favorite, for example), and even pioneered new brunch elements (you haven’t lived until you’ve had the Brisket Tostones Stack – trust us).

Despite all of this past year’s crowning achievements, the best part of 2018 was simply you. Yes, you. The reason being is that we live to share our brand with you. Our commitment to excellence starts and ends with you, from the moment you walk in the front door to the moment you leave. To say we value every one of you is to put it lightly – you are the driving force behind the hard work of our staff every day. We may have started in 1986 as one restaurant in Oak Cliff, but because of your passion for our craft, we’ve grown to 20 locations across the state of Texas. Even with our expansion, we always have been and always will remain family owned. Bringing our family’s favorites to you brings us value and meaning.

So not to get totally sappy here (sorry if we’re getting too sentimental), but thank you so much for another excellent year. We’re looking forward to 2019 and spending more time with you. It’s wonderful to be part of your lives and we can’t wait to see what the new year brings.

With love,

The Fuentes Family

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