Father's Day: Give Dad a Break From The Grill

Father's Day is upon us. A follow up holiday to Mother's Day, this day makes sure we don't leave Dad out of the equation and gives us an entire day to thank him for all he does. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this (and certainly many varying degrees of family traditions), but food is constantly at the center of attention regardless of who you are or where your family is from. (Dad's important as well...but the food...that's just a staple).

Oftentimes, we find that Dad is grilling for himself and others, as opposed to getting the day off of grill duty. We're here to tell you to give him a break this year. In fact, you should let us do it for you. 

Whether it's fajitas, a steak (such as Nancy's Ribeye, which is what you see in the picture), Grilled Quail, or even chicken dishes such as Pollo con Champiñones - we've got it covered. You can pair that with a frozen margarita or even an ice cold Regia Extra (this is a 32 ounce beer from El Salvador) and we assure you, Dad will be a happy camper. 

Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 17th this year. So if you're looking for the best way to spend time with family in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Austin, Houston, or San Antonio - come join us. 

Be sure to thank your Dad for just being him this year and tell him to put the grill tongs down and let Gloria's do all the work. Which reminds us, we've got to go find Jose and thank him for being so awesome over the past 32 years...


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