Friday fish options for those observing Lent in Texas

Here at Gloria's, we understand that there are many of you who participate in the yearly Lenten season. This can obviously be challenging if you're going to eat out on a Friday evening, because let's be honest - Texas loves red meat!   However, fear not! We have plenty of options that can cater to the Lenten crowd (or even on a simpler scale, those of you who do not eat red meat or chicken). From our Salmon Costeño (marinated salmon wrapped and cooked in a banana leaf served on a bed of rice with grilled vegetables) to our fish tacos, ceviche, spinach quesadillas and beyond - we've got your needs covered.   Our brand of gourmet Latin cuisine is an experience like no other in the area. We've got freshly prepared items for any pallete. Therefore, if you're in Texas and are looking for an ideal meat-free option either for Lent or even in general, we can easily accommodate you. Additionally, if you've just got a love of fish or shrimp, we strongly urge trying one of these options from our menu. Your taste buds with thank you over and over.  

Today's Fish Recommendation: Pescado Acajutla - Very delicious and tender tilapia fish fillet marinated the way they do it in Acajutla, El Salvador; served with rice, black beans and grilled vegetables.

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