Valentine's Day Weekend Tips

It's not just Valentine's Day coming soon, but Valentine's Day Weekend! It all starts on Friday, February 10 and gets celebrated through Valentine's Day (Tuesday, February 14). To make this time special for you and your loved one, here are a few tips to make your Valentine's Day Weekend experience as wonderful as possible:

Tip 1: Join the Waitlist.
As you may know, Valentine's Day Weekend can be very busy at any restaurant. Since we do not take reservations, you may experience a longer than normal wait before you're seated. Please select your favorite location and add yourself to the waitlist before you arrive.

(Please note, some locations may restrict the waitlist based on the number of people waiting.)

Tip 2: Consider Gift Cards and eCards.
If you're looking to give a Gift Card, the last day to order physical gift cards to have them delivered by Valentine's Day is on Friday, February 3 at 5:00 PM. However, you can order an eCard at any time and have it printed. If you need to order a Gift Card or eCard, visit our Gift Card page and order yours today!

Tip 3: Share Your Experience.
We love when you share pics of each other and your food! Feel free to take a cute pic together and use #GloriasLatinCuisine on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You may be featured on our social feed!

Tip 4: Don't Forget the Sweets!
Be sure to save room for dessert! Our amazing Churros, Tres Leches Cake or Chocolate Turtle Brownie are perfect for sharing.
We look forward to seeing you on Valentines Day Weekend! 

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