31 wonderful years as Gloria's

It's incredible to think about it - but 31 years ago today, we registered Gloria's at the Dallas County Clerk's office. 31 years! What started as just a simple restaurant in Oak Cliff has since grown into 18 locations across Texas (with two more coming this year!)

It's truly unbelievable to not only see our dream come to fruition (and in a scope beyond anything we originally imagined) but also to have created a cultural staple across Texas. It's no surprise that our diners really do appreciate the finer things in life. We've always been able to maintain a fine balance with gourmet dishes to traditional Latin favorites, while incorporating our Salvadorian heritage into every dish we make. As a result, it warms our heart and souls that many of you have been so fanatical about what we've got going in the kitchen and behind the bar.

And yes...31 years later, our black bean dip recipe is still one of the best kept secrets in Texas.

The past two weeks, you may have found information about all of our locations on our Facebook or Instagram accounts. If you haven't, go check them out and learn much more about each individual restaurant.

So again, thank you all so much. Some may say Gloria and Jose met by chance in the same apartment complex, but we know it was something way more significant. That encounter and relationship led to a dream that we have been able to share with you for many years and will continue to share for the years to come. We love you all.

Here's to 31 years and to many more to come. Salud!

23 Locations Across Texas

Now Open in The Woodlands

Map of Texas with location pins on Gloria's restaurants.