A perfect time for soup in Texas

What's not to love about soup? We're big fans of it year round. In fact, we have several very popular soups that stay on the menu. However, we are very biased toward the fall and winter months for soups. There's just something very wonderful about enjoying a large bowl of hot soup served during this time of year. 

Maybe it's the change of weather. Maybe it's the fact that we only get a few months of cold in Texas. Maybe it's watching the foliage change. Maybe it's a perfect pair to sweaters. Or maybe, we associate it with comfort. 

Whatever the case, we're always proud to serve up the finest of soups. Every day of the year, we offer 3 soups that are different in tastes, but can satisfy any craving. They are:

  • Black Bean Soup
  • Chicken Soup
  • Sopa Siete Mares

If you're a fan of our black bean dip (who isn't, let's be honest with ourselves here), then you'll love the Black Bean Soup. It's a creamy testament to Salvadorian style black beans with queso fresco on top. 

If traditional comfort foods are your thing, you'll be a fan of our Chicken Soup. It's our version of classic Chicken Soup, but it's loaded with chunks of chicken, rice, and vegetables. Not only is it perfectly balanced (you'll be in love with the broth), but it's the epitome of prime comfort food. 

For you seafood lovers out there, the Sopa Siete Mares is an otherworldly experience. This soup is loaded with shrimp, scallops, red snapper, mussels, lobster tail and vegetables. It's a testament to the greatness of the ocean, and features some of our favorite fish in one perfect dish. 

When you're out and about this season, come join us and try the soup if you haven't already. There's a variety of beverages we like to pair with these soups (and you're welcome to pair what you'd like with them, as it's always personal preference), but since they're so versatile we'd suggest the following: a cold beer with our black bean soup (preferably a lager), ice tea with our chicken soup (you could do a margarita, but tea is a perfect compliment, we feel), and white wine with our sopa siete mares (we've got an excellent selection of wines you must try). 

Hope to see you soon, and enjoy every bit of this season! 

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