National Margarita Day and Gloria's: A Perfect Combination

It's National Margarita Day, and who are we to complain? Back when Jose Fuentes set down to create our frozen margarita, he knew it had to be a perfect blend of ingredients to result in the ideal flavor. Obviously, we're partial, but we've won Best Margarita numerous times by publications and reader's choice as well, so we know he obtained perfection. All bragging aside, the praise you guys give our margaritas really means the world to us. We take the utmost care in crafting every one of our drinks, and we definitely pride ourselves on creating the perfect margarita.  

So today, tell the boss you're taking a half day. If you don't feel okay doing so that's not a problem...but you should definitely join us for happy hour or dinner. Sit on our patio if you feel so inclined and let one of our margaritas help take away all of the stress of the week. Enjoy the company of friends and family and indulge in a traditional frozen or on the rocks margarita. We also suggest our signature margarita: Gloria's Grand Meltdown. It's a big 16 oz frozen margarita/sangria swirl with a shot of Grand Marnier on top. Words really do not do this margarita justice. Ask anyone who's had's not just a beverage, it's a work of art.  We'll see you guys for a few cold margaritas and some fantastic Latin cuisine today. Let's all enjoy the day together! Friday and National Margarita Day? Awesome.

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