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The Perfect Margarita Awaits
Jul 25, 2016 by capaliski

Summer. Margaritas. It's as if the two were simply just made for one another. Don't get us wrong, we love our Margaritas year round (and so do you, apparently - voting us "best Margarita" in 2015 and many times prior to this), but there's something about a cool frozen margarita in the summertime that just gets us.

Two New Gloria's Locations: Southlake and Flower Mound

So we've had our 30th anniversary party. We've had grand openings at two new locations in Flower Mound and Southlake. Word has started to spread in both areas and we've already gotten to meet so many wonderful people in each city. To put it simply, it's a blessing to know so many of you and to be a part of your lives. Both Flower Mound and Southlake have welcomed Gloria's with open arms, and we couldn't be happier!

Gloria's Latin Cuisine: Celebrating 30 Years!

In many ways, the story of Gloria’s embodies the American dream. Jose and Gloria Fuentes came to America from El Salvador to escape years of civil war and unrest. After meeting in Houston, they relocated to Dallas to work in a small Salvadorian restaurant owned by Gloria’s sister. A little over a year later, Gloria’s sister decided to give up the restaurant. However, despite having no previous experience running a restaurant, the entrepreneurial spirit and love of the culinary craft could not be contained and something very special happened.